Those of you who frequented the Boat will remember the bands who were on. Those of you who didn't may need some evidence to show the monumental importance of the Boat club in the history of British music!

Thanks to the purchase of a great little book entitled "Down at the Boat" I have, in theory, a list of all the bands who ever played the Boat. The book was put together by Keith and Juliet Atkinson and Tony James. Keith was there at the start and was involved in bringing Jazz music to the Boat to raise some extra money for the rowing club in the early 60's. I hope he doesn't mind me using some of his dates here!

Just as an indication of the importance of the place -

Sunday July 5th 1971 the band was Skid Row and included Eric Clapton, Gary Moore and Peter Green

Led Zeppelin first played the Boat in April 1969 for a fee of £80 and then turned up to play for free in 1971

Stevie Winwood had his 21st birthday party at the Boat

On Rod Stewart's recent appearance at the Ice Centre Rod Stewart told everyone the last time he had played Nottingham was The Boat with the Jeff Back band

Let's have a go at the seventies - listed below are all the bands who graced the very small, low stage!

January 1970

February 1970

Sunday 4th Duster Bennett
Sunday 1st Principal Edwards Magic Theatre
Saturday 10th The Jaffa Band
Sunday 8th Gypsy
Sunday 11th Savoy Brown
Sunday 15th Deep Purple
Sunday 18th Roy Harper
Sunday 22nd Keef Hartley
Sunday 25th Hard Meat

March 1970

April 1970

Sunday 1st Van der Graaf Generator
Sunday 5th Liverpool Scene
Sunday 8th Juicy Luicy
Sunday 12th Heavy Jelly
Sunday 15th Quintessence
Sunday 19th Al Stewart
Sunday 22nd Black Sabbath
Sunday 26th Chicken Shack
Sunday 29th Rare Bird

May 1970

June 1970

Sunday 2nd Blodwyn Pig
Sunday 7th Duster Bennett
Sunday 10th Juicy Luicy
Saturday 13th Supertramp
Sunday 17th Roy Harper
Sunday 14th Stone The Crows
Sunday 31st Colosseum
Saturday 20th Hadrian's Mushroom

Sunday 21st Principal Edwards Magic Theatre

Sunday 28th Supertramp

July 1970

August 1970

Sunday 5th Skid Row
Sunday 2nd Black Widow
Sunday 12th Writing On The Wall
Sunday 9th Gypsy
Sunday 18th Jellybread
Sunday 16th Hardin and York
Sunday 26th Hard Meat
Sunday 23rd Matthews Southern Comfort

Sunday 30th Emery Chase

September 1970

October 1970

Sunday 6th Supertramp
Sunday 4th The Strawbs
Sunday 13th Keith Christmas and Cochise
Sunday 11th Groundhogs
Sunday 20th Everybody
Sunday 18th Keith Christmas and Mick Abrahams
Sunday 26th Skid Row
Sunday 25th Black Widow and Tir Na Nog

November 1970

December 1970

Sunday 8th Hardin and York
Sunday 6th Andy Roberts and Everyone
Sunday 15th Blodwyn Pig
Sunday 13th Hardin and York
Friday 20th Medicine Head
Sunday 20th Keith Christmas and Hard Meat
Sunday 22nd Howl
Monday 27th Howl and Band of Mental Breakdown
Sunday 29th Emery Chase and Circus

January 1971

February 1971

Sunday 3rd Pink Fairies
Sunday 7th Brinsley Schwartz
Sunday 10th Mighty Baby
Sunday 14th Renaissance
Friday 15th The Jaffa Band
Sunday 17th Ashton, Gardner and Dyke
Sunday 17th Van der Graaf Generator
Sunday 28th Hardin and York
Sunday 24th Skid Row

Sunday 31st Jody Grynd

March 1971

April 1971

Sunday 7th Duster Bennett
Sunday 4th Root and Jenny Jackson Peace Corps
Sunday 14th Pink Fairies
Sunday 11th Barclay James Harvest
Sunday 21st Led Zeppelin
Sunday 18th Wishbone Ash and Flying Fortress
Sunday 28th Chicago Climax Band
Sunday 25th Warhorse and Hardware

May 1971

Sunday 2nd Blond on Blond

Sunday 9th Medicine Head

Sunday 23rd Skid Row

January 1972

February 1972

Saturday 8th John Damborough Band
Saturday 5th UFO and Edge
Saturday 15th Champion Jack Dupree
Saturday 12th Danta
Saturday 22nd Freedom
Saturday 19th Duster Bennett
Saturday 29th Hackensack, Dave Turner and Phonograph
Saturday 26th If

March 1972

April 1972

Saturday 4th Slowbone
Saturday 1st Flying Hat Band
Saturday 11th Armada
Saturday 8th Danta
Saturday 18th Genesis
Saturday 15th Tir Na Nog
Saturday 25th John Damborough Band
Saturday 22nd Sam Apple Pie

Saturday 29th Grace

May 1972

June 1972

Saturday 6th Hackensack
Saturday 3rd Khan
Saturday 13th T2
Saturday 10th Jellybread
Saturday 20th Gary Moore Band
Saturday 17th Budgie
Saturday 27th To-day
Saturday 24th Fusion Orchestra

July 1972

August 1972

Saturday 1st Armada
Saturday 5th Hackensack
Saturday 8th Cat Iron
Saturday 12th Trapeze
Saturday 15th Flying Hat Band
Saturday 19th Stackridge
Saturday 22nd Black Widow
Saturday 26th Gravy Train
Saturday 29th Frupp

September 1972

October 1972

Saturday 2nd Renaissance
Saturday 7th Gary Moore Band
Saturday 9th Supertramp
Saturday 14th Khan
Saturday 16th Mick Abrahams Band
Saturday 21st Sandgate
Saturday 23rd Juicy Luicy
Saturday 28th Stackridge
Saturday 30th Ellis

November 1972

December 1972

Saturday 4th Hackensack
Saturday 2nd Hannah
Saturday 11th Frupp
Saturday 9th Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Saturday 18th Graphite
Saturday 16th Judas Priest
Saturday 25th Orphan
Saturday 23rd Cottonwood

Saturday 30th Flying Hat Band

January 1973

February 1973

Saturday 6th Brush
Saturday 3rd Judas Priest
Saturday 13th Supertramp
Saturday 10th Glencoe
Saturday 20th Budgie
Saturday 17th Bronco
Saturday 27th Skin Alley
Saturday 24th Frupp

March 1973

April 1973

Saturday 3rd Hackensack
Saturday 7th Gypsy
Saturday 10th Brush
Saturday 14th Budgie
Saturday 17th Jonesy
Saturday 21st Medicine Head
Saturday 24th Solution
Saturday 28th Ellis
Saturday 31st Nazareth

May 1973

June 1973

Saturday 5th Supertramp
Saturday 2nd Gary Moore Band
Saturday 12th Wild Turkey
Saturday 9th Average White Band
Saturday 19 Brinsley Schwartz
Saturday 16th Steamhammer
Saturday 26th Orphan
Saturday 23rd Brewers Droop

Saturday 30th McGuiness Flint

July 1973

August 1973

Saturday 7th Glencoe
Saturday 4th Tir Na Nog
Saturday 14th East of Eden
Saturday 11th Wild Turkey
Saturday 21st Cat Iron
Saturday 18th Brinsley Schwartz
Saturday 28th Gypsy
Saturday 25th Hackensack

September 1973

October 1973

Saturday 1st Ellis
Saturday 6th Brian Augers Oblivion Express
Saturday 8th Snake Eye
Saturday 13th Jonesy
Sunday 9th The Houseshakers
Sunday 14th Wild Angels
Saturday 15th Budgie
Saturday 20th Gary Moore Band
Saturday 22nd Silverhead
Sunday 21st Earthquake
Sunday 23rd Rock Of All Ages
Saturday 27th Quicksand
Saturday 29th Jack The Lad
Sunday 28th Chip Ballinger and the 78s
Sunday 30th Yakkerty Yak

November 1973

December 1973

Saturday 3rd Sandgate
Saturday 1st Heavy Metal Kids
Sunday 4th The Rock And Roll Giants
Saturday 8th Snake Eye
Saturday 10th UFO
Saturday 15th Hackensack
Sunday 11th Yakkerty Yak
Sunday 16th Earthquake
Saturday 17th Glencoe
Saturday 22nd Budgie
Sunday 18th Earthquake
Sunday 23rd Chip Ballinger and the 78s
Saturday 24th Gypsy
Saturday 29th Odysseus
Sunday 25th Chip Ballinger
Sunday 30th Shakin Stevens And The Sunsets

January 1974

February 1974

Saturday 5th Capability Brown
Saturday 2nd Sam Apple Pie
Sunday 6th Rock Island Line
Sunday 3rd Earthquake
Saturday 12th Quicksand
Saturday 9th The Terrible Trio – Titch, Pol and Bob
Saturday 19th Trapeze
Sunday 10th Titch, Pol and Bob
Saturday 26th Jack The Lad
Saturday 16th UFO
Sunday 27th Cliff Ballinger And The 78s
Sunday 17th Hellraisers

Saturday 23rd Hackensack

Sunday 24th Rock Island Line

March 1974

April 1974

Saturday 2nd Wild Turkey
Saturday 6th Beckett
Sunday 3rd Crazy Caran and the Rhythm Rockers
Sunday 7th Houndog
Saturday 9th Capability Brown
Saturday 13th Good Habit
Saturday 16th Gypsy
Saturday 20th Trapeze
Sunday 17th Pilgrim
Sunday 21st Pilgrim
Saturday 23rd Climax Blues Band
Saturday 27th Heavy Metal Kids
Sunday 24th Kopapendulum
Sunday 28th Rock Island Line
Saturday 30th McGuiness Flint

Sunday 31st Rocks Off Revival

May 1974

June 1974

Saturday 4th Sassafras
Saturday 1st Jack The Lad
Sunday 5th The Houseshakers
Friday 7th Sheerwater
Saturday 11th Quicksand
Saturday 8th Darryl Way's Wolfe
Sunday 12th Chip Ballinger
Sunday 9th Earthquake
Saturday 18th Good Habit
Saturday 15th UFO
Saturday 25th Mankind
Sunday 16th Gale Fury and the Tempests
Friday 31st Greeco
Saturday 22nd Beckett

Sunday 23rd Shakin Stevens And The Sunsets

Saturday 29th Blodwyn Pig

July 1974

August 1974

Saturday 6th Esperranto
Saturday 3rd Nutz
Saturday 13th Gypsy
Saturday 10th Sam Apple Pie
Saturday 20th Capability Brown
Saturday 17th Winkies
Sunday 21st Gale Fury And The Tempests
Sunday 18th Memphis Band
Saturday 27th Trapeze
Saturday 24th Gigaflow
Sunday 28th Remember This
Saturday 31st Unicorn

September 1974

October 1974

Sunday 1st Chip Ballinger
Saturday 5th Darryl Way's Wolfe
Saturday 7th Quicksand
Sunday 6th Earthquake
Sunday 8th Earthquake
Friday 11th Freedom
Saturday 14th Heavy Metal Kids
Saturday 12th Beckett
Sunday 15th Rock N Roll Express
Sunday 13th The Warlocks
Saturday 21st Good Habit
Saturday 19th Sassafras
Sunday 22nd Hellraisers
Sunday 20th Shakin Stevens And The Sunsets
Saturday 28th Bees Make Honey
Saturday 26th Rare Bird
Sunday 29th Rock Island Line
Sunday 27th Crazy Caran And The Rhythm Rockers

November 1974

December 1974

Saturday 2nd Raymond Froggatt Band
Sunday 1st Rave On
Sunday 3rd Remember This
Saturday 7th Gaffa
Saturday 9th Sheerwater
Saturday 14th Hustler
Sunday 10th Yakkerty Yak
Sunday 15th Hellraisers
Saturday 16th Nutz
Saturday 21st Gypsy
Sunday 17th Twice on Sunday
Sunday 22nd Chip Ballinger and the 78s
Saturday 23rd Steve Gibbons Band
Saturday 28th UFO
Sunday 24th Ruben And The Vets
Sunday 29th Rave On
Saturday 30th Sandgate

January 1975

February 1975

Saturday 4th Beckett
Saturday 1st Edgar Broughton Band
Sunday 5th Shakin Stevens And The Sunsets
Sunday 2nd Earthquake
Saturday 11th String Driven Thing
Saturday 8th Kilburn And The High Roads
Sunday 12th Ricky Storm And The Houndogs
Sunday 9th Max And The Bluestars
Saturday 18th Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts
Saturday 15th Steve Gibbons Band
Saturday 25th Sassafras
Sunday 16th Ricky Storm And The Houndogs

Saturday 22nd Strife

March 1975

April 1975

Saturday 1st Fusion Orchestra
Saturday 5th Byzantium
Saturday 8th Woman
Saturday 12th UPP
Sunday 9th Rave On
Saturday 19th Hustler
Saturday 15th Stray
Saturday 26th Limelight
Sunday 16th Rock Island Line

Saturday 22nd Global Village Trucking Company

Saturday 29th Jack The Lad

Sunday 30th Yakkerty Yak

May 1975

June 1975

Saturday 3rd Kleptomania
Saturday 7th Strife
Saturday 10th Sundance
Saturday 14th Trapeze
Saturday 17th Sandgate
Sunday 15th Wheels
Saturday 24th Stretch
Saturday 21st Limelight
Saturday 31st Neutrons
Sunday 22nd Gaffa

Saturday 28th Nutz

Sunday 29th Desperate Dan

July 1975

August 1975

Saturday 5th Woman
Saturday 2nd East Of Eden
Sunday 6th Glider
Sunday 3rd Wheels
Saturday 12th Sam Apple Pie
Saturday 9th Global Village Trucking Company
Sunday 13th Wheels
Sunday 10th Matarka
Saturday 19th UFO
Saturday 16th Stretch
Sunday 20th Centaurius
Sunday 17th Staple Diet
Saturday 26th Sassafras
Saturday 30th Clancy
Sunday 27th Ned Ludd
Sunday 31st Centaurius

September 1975

October 1975

Saturday 6th Nutz
Saturday 4th Alkatraz
Sunday 7th Plummet Airlines
Sunday 5th Staple Diet
Saturday 13th Trapeze
Saturday 11th Hustler
Sunday 14th Gaffa
Sunday 12th Wheels
Saturday 20th Strife
Saturday 18th Nutz
Sunday 21st Lefty
Sunday 19th Zacariah
Saturday 27th Wally
Saturday 25th Stretch
Sunday 28th Matarka
Sunday 26th Gygapo

November 1975

December 1975

Saturday 1st Kaan
Saturday 6th Banco
Sunday 2nd Snake Eye
Sunday 7th SF2
Saturday 8th Hobo
Saturday 13th Hot Property
Sunday 9th The Scorpions
Sunday 14th Dagaband
Saturday 15th Woman

Sunday 16th Matarka

Saturday 22nd Mick Abrahams Band

Sunday 23rd Wheels

Saturday 29th Motorhead

Sunday 30th Zacariah

January 1976

February 1976

Saturday 3rd Sarraband
Sunday 1st UPP
Sunday 4th Warford
Saturday 7th Wheels
Saturday 10th Strife
Sunday 8th Cold Lady River
Sunday 11th QYL
Saturday 14th Halfbreed
Saturday 17th Stray
Sunday 15th Charlie
Sunday 18th Zacchariah
Saturday 21st Woman
Saturday 24th Slowbone
Sunday 22nd Mister Big
Sunday 25th Bensch
Saturday 28th Sam Apple Pie
Saturday 31st Sorahan

March 1976

April 1976

Sunday 1st Flett
Saturday 3rd Strife
Saturday 6th Nutz
Sunday 4th Ice
Sunday 7th Scorpions
Saturday 10th Little Bob Storey
Saturday 13th Agnes Strange
Sunday 11th Satis
Sunday 14th Liln
Saturday 24th Krazy Kat
Saturday 20th Gryphon
Sunday 25th Babe Ruth
Sunday 21st Zacariah

Saturday 27th String Driven Thing

Sunday 28th Colosseum II

May 1976

June 1976

Saturday 1st Flett
Saturday 5th Woman
Sunday 2nd Zacariah
Sunday 6th Rudi
Saturday 8th Shanghai
Friday 11th Backdoor
Sunday 9th Secondhand Band
Saturday 12th Medicine Head
Saturday 15th Mick Abrahams Band
Sunday 13th Flett
Sunday 16th Jerutshta
Saturday 26th Nutz
Saturday 22nd George Hatcher Band
Sunday 27th Captain Cooks Dog
Sunday 23rd Son of a Bitch

Saturday 29th Frupp

Sunday 30th Rudi

July 1976

August 1976

Saturday 3rd George Hatcher Band
Sunday 1st Gaffa
Sunday 4th Rockin Pneumonia
Saturday 7th Captain Cooks Dog
Saturday 10th Rick Grech Band
Sunday 8th Casino
Sunday 11th Son of a Bitch
Saturday 14th Dirty Tricks
Saturday 17th RDR
Sunday 15th Blitz
Sunday 18th Zipper
Saturday 21st The Sex Pistols
Friday 23rd Wheels
Sunday 22nd Jerutshta
Saturday 24th Giggles
Sunday 29th Suburban Studs
Sunday 25th Ginty

Saturday 31st Strife

September 1976

October 1976

Saturday 4th Raymond Froggatt Band
Saturday 2nd Sam Apple Pie
Sunday 5th Early Bird
Sunday 3rd Groundhogs and Unicorn
Saturday 11th Soho Jets
Friday 8th Gaffa
Sunday 12th Grind
Saturday 9th Salt
Saturday 18th Meal Ticket
Friday 15th Lion
Sunday 19th Machine
Saturday 16th George Hatcher Band
Saturday 25th Woman
Sunday 17th Early Bird
Sunday 26th Superdude
Friday 22nd Possessed

Saturday 23rd Rainmaker

Friday 29th Stress

Saturday 30th Vardis

November 1976

December 1976

Friday 5th Lefthand Drive
Friday 3rd Nutz
Saturday 6th Captain Cooks Dog
Saturday 4th Stray
Sunday 7th The Scorpions
Saturday 11th Sam Apple Pie
Saturday 13th Sassafras
Sunday 13th Trapeze
Sunday 14th Pat Travers
Saturday 18th Strife
Saturday 20th Motorhead
Sunday 19th Gaffa
Saturday 27th Sam Apple Pie
Friday 24th Plummet Airlines

Friday 31st Staple Diet

January 1977

February 1977

Friday 7th Cisco
Friday 4th Cisco
Saturday 8th RDR
Saturday 5th Motorhead
Sunday 9th Heartbreakers
Sunday 6th Greensleeper
Friday 14th Cisco
Friday 11th Matarka
Saturday 15th Woman
Saturday 12th Raymond Froggat
Sunday 16th Jim Crow
Sunday 13th Tatum
Friday 21st Limelight
Friday 18th Limelight
Saturday 22nd Suicide and Bandana
Saturday 19th George Hatcher Band
Sunday 23rd Tatum
Sunday 20th Rodger
Friday 28th Slender Lorris
Friday 25th Slender Lorris
Saturday 29th Charlie
Saturday 26th Dirty Tricks
Sunday 30th Rodger
Sunday 27th Gwadir

March 1977

April 1977

Friday 11th Cisco
Friday 1st Limelight
Saturday 12th Stray
Saturday 2nd Nutz
Sunday 13th Peter Green Band
Sunday 3rd Kelley's Eye
Friday 18th Limelight
Friday 8th Matarka
Saturday 19th Trapeze
Saturday 9th Giggles
Sunday 20th Nasty Pop
Sunday 10th Tatum
Friday 25th Staple Diet
Friday 15th Limelight
Saturday 26th Strife
Saturday 16th Vesousias
Sunday 27th SF
Sunday 17th Trampus

Friday 22nd Matarka

Saturday 23rd CC Dog

Sunday 24th Bastille

Friday 29th Some Chicken

Saturday 30th Radiator

Sunday 31st Odins Storm

May 1977

June 1977

Friday 6th Matarka
Friday 3rd Quo Vardis
Saturday 7th A Band Called O
Saturday 4th The Boys
Sunday 8th Azel
Sunday 5th Kukulkan
Friday 13th Limelight
Saturday 11th Lew Lewis
Saturday 14th RDR
Sunday 12th The Amazon Blades
Sunday 15th Kelley's Eye
Friday 17th Strife
Friday 20th Nutz
Saturday 18th George Hatcher Band
Saturday 21st Ace Kefford's Rock Star
Sunday 19th The Next Band
Sunday 22nd Matarka
Friday 24th Strife
Friday 27th Limelight
Saturday 25th Jenny Hahn's Lion
Saturday 28th Ultravox
Sunday 26th Tatum
Sunday 29th Bastille

July 1977

August 1977

Saturday 2nd Stray
Saturday 6th The Next Band
Sunday 3rd Kelley's Eye
Sunday 7th Valkyrie
Saturday 9th Magnum
Saturday 13th Quartz
Sunday 10th Odin's Storm
Sunday 14th Chain
Saturday 16th Jack The Lad
Saturday 20th Strife
Sunday 17th Cloks
Sunday 21st Kelley's Eye
Saturday 23rd Motorhead
Saturday 27th Kukulkan
Sunday 24th Gygapo
Sunday 28th Jobe St. Day
Saturday 30th Raymond Froggatt Band

Sunday 31st Outward Band

September 1977

October 1977

Saturday 3rd Trapeze
Saturday 1st Strider
Sunday 4th Quo Vardis
Sunday 2nd Quo Vardis
Saturday 10th Shanghai
Saturday 8th Kelley's Eye
Sunday 11th Elko
Sunday 9th Bullit
Saturday 17th Nutz
Saturday 15th George Hatcher Band
Sunday 18th Strange Mist
Saturday 22nd Flying Aus
Saturday 24th The O Band
Thursday 27th Nutz
Sunday 25th The Flying Axe Band
Friday 28th Nutz

Saturday 29th Jenny Hahn's Lion

November 1977

December 1977

Saturday 5th Strife
Saturday 3rd Trapeze
Saturday 12th Colosseum II
Saturday 10th Stray
Saturday 19th Tyla Gang
Saturday 17th Radio Stars
Saturday 26th Kulkulkan
Sunday 18th One Night Only

Saturday 24th Limelight

Saturday 31st Gaffa and GKFA

January 1978

February 1978

Saturday 7th RDR
Saturday 4th Nutz
Saturday 14th The Next Band
Sunday 5th Eyewitness
Saturday 21st Strife
Saturday 11th Jenny Hahn's Lion
Saturday 28th Quartz
Saturday 18th Ray Phillips Band and Ludwig Wolf

Saturday 25th Palomino

Sunday 26th The Turbines

March 1978

April 1978

Saturday 4th RDR
Saturday 1st Quartz
Saturday 11th Gygapo
Sunday 2nd The Turbines
Saturday 18th Trapeze
Saturday 8th John Grimaldi's Cheap Flights
Saturday 25th The Heavy Metal Rockers
Sunday 9th The Next Band

Saturday 15th Vapour Trails

Saturday 22nd The Young Ones

Saturday 29th Supercharge

Sunday 30th Gwadir

May 1978

June 1978

Saturday 6th Head Waiter
Saturday 10th Buster James Band
Sunday 7th The Next Band
Sunday 11th Art Failure and The Hormones
Saturday 13th Limelight
Saturday 17th Sassafras
Sunday 14th Kyro
Sunday 18th The Next Band
Saturday 20th RDR
Saturday 24th Dire Straits
Sunday 21st Art Failure
Sunday 25th Kyro
Saturday 27th Wailing Cocks

Sunday 28th The Next Band

July 1978

August 1978

Saturday 1st Supercharge
Saturday 5th Band Of Joy
Sunday 2nd George Hatcher Band
Sunday 6th Kyro
Saturday 8th The Pirates
Saturday 12th Champion
Sunday 9th Art Failure
Saturday 19th Quartz
Saturday 15th Blazer Blazer
Sunday 20th Kyro
Sunday 16th Kyro
Saturday 26th No Sweat
Saturday 22nd Trapeze

Sunday 23rd Race Against Time

Saturday 29th Magnum

Sunday 30th Art Failure

September 1978

October 1978

Saturday 2nd Limelight
Saturday 7th Strife
Sunday 3rd Spoonful
Sunday 8th Kyro
Saturday 9th Blazer Blazer
Saturday 14th Marseille
Sunday 10th Kyro
Sunday 15th Spoonful
Saturday 16th Crawler
Saturday 21st Quartz
Sunday 17th Spoonful
Saturday 28th Eric Bell Band
Saturday 23rd Magnum
Sunday 29th Spoonful
Sunday 24th Kyro

Saturday 30th Quartz

Sunday 31st Spoonful

November 1978

December 1978

Saturday 4th Orphan
Saturday 2nd Wild Horses
Saturday 18th Dave Lewis Band
Sunday 3rd Art Failure
Sunday 19th The Next Band
Saturday 9th Quartz
Saturday 25th Supercharge
Saturday 16th Spud
Sunday 26th Kyro
Saturday 23rd Nutz

Sunday 24th Limelight

Saturday 30th Strife

Sunday 31st Gaffa

January 1979

February 1979

Saturday 6th Eric Bell Band
Saturday 3rd Dirty Tricks
Sunday 7th RDR
Saturday 10th Racing Cars
Saturday 13th Eric Bell Band
Saturday 17th Quartz
Saturday 20th RDR
Sunday 18th Wild Horses
Saturday 27th Lightning Raiders
Saturday 24th The Pretenders

March 1979

April 1979

Saturday 3rd Tony McPhee's Terraplane
Saturday 7th Nutz
Saturday 10th Gary Holton Band
Saturday 14th Limelight
Saturday 17th Grand Hotel
Saturday 15th Gordon Rowley and Friends
Saturday 24th Lee Bromham
Sunday 21st Magic

Saturday 28th Gwadir

May 1979

June 1979

Saturday 5th Next Band
Saturday 2nd Quartz
Saturday 12th Freez
Saturday 9th Sassafras
Saturday 19th Eric Bell Band
Saturday 16th Lee Farden
Saturday 26th No Dice
Saturday 23rd Paris

Saturday 30th Fischer-Z

July 1979

August 1979

Sunday 1st Voyager
Saturday 4th Limelight
Saturday 7th Next Band
Saturday 11th Whitespirit
Saturday 14th Gary Holton and the Villains
Saturday 18th Eric Bell
Saturday 21st Freez

Saturday 28th Simple Minds

September 1979

October 1979

Saturday 1st Whitespirit
Saturday 6th Iron Maiden
Saturday 8th Quartz
Saturday 20th Jameson Raid
Saturday 15th Little Axe
Saturday 27th Freez
Saturday 22nd Saxon

Saturday 29th Def Leppard

November 1979

December 1979

Saturday 3rd Eric Bell Band
Saturday 1st Berlin
Saturday 10th Wild Horses
Saturday 8th Whitespirit
Saturday 24th Lone Star and Angel Street
Saturday 15th Quartz

Saturday 22nd Budgie

Sunday 24th Limelight

Saturday 29th Magic

January 1980

February 1980

Saturday 5th Mistress
Saturday 2nd Sassafras
Saturday 12th Urchin
Saturday 9th Leargo
Saturday 19th Whitespirit
Saturday 16th Sam Apple Pie
Saturday 26th Berlin
Tuesday 19th Saxon

Saturday 23rd Def Leppard and Witchfynde

March 1980

April 1980

Saturday 1st Raid
Saturday 5th Sledgehammer
Saturday 8th Metro
Saturday 12th Diamond Head
Monday 10th The Cramps
Friday 18th Eric Bell
Saturday 15th Berlin
Monday 21st Wild Horses
Saturday 22nd Quartz
Saturday 26th Girl
Tuesday 25th Magnum and Tygers of Pan Tang
Monday 28th The Members
Saturday 29th Limelight

May 1980

June 1980

Saturday 3rd Whitespirit
Tuesday 3rd Dark Star and Chevy
Monday 5th Holly and the Italians
Saturday 7th Quartz
Saturday 10th Javelin and Dawn Trader
Tuesday 10th Budgie
Saturday 17th The EF Band
Saturday 14th Sassafras
Tuesday 20th John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett
Tuesday 17th Psychedelic
Saturday 24th Ded Ringer
Saturday 28th Trespass
Saturday 31st Lone Star

July 1980

August 1980

Saturday 5th Girlschool
Saturday 2nd Taurus
Saturday 12th Diamond Head
Saturday 9th Whitespirit
Saturday 19th Eric Bell Band
Tuesday 26th The Expressos
Saturday 26th Witchfynde
Saturday 30th Fist
Tuesday 29th The Spectres

September 1980

October 1980

Saturday 6th Broken Home
Saturday 4th Ethel the Frog
Wednesday 10th Janet and The Icebergs
Tuesday 7th U2
Saturday 13th Stray
Saturday 11th Eric Bell Band
Tuesday 16th Young Marble Giants
Tuesday 14th Dangerous Girls
Saturday 20th Quartz
Saturday 18th More
Saturday 27th Money
Tuesday 21st The Dance Band
Tuesday 30th The Dead Kennedys and UK Decay
Saturday 25th Limelight

Tuesday 28th The Associates

November 1980

December 1980

Saturday 1st Dawn Trader
Saturday 6th Ex Directory
Tuesday 4th Classic Nouveaux
Tuesday 9th Bow Wow Wow
Saturday 8th Budgie
Saturday 13th Whitespirit
Tuesday 11th Comsat Angels
Tuesday 16th The Professionals
Saturday 15th Whitespirit
Saturday 20th More
Tuesday 18th The Fall

Saturday 22nd Section 25

Tuesday 25th Killing Joke